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Westcourt Management Services

What is a Virtual Landlord?

Virtual Landlord allows you to pick and choose property management services to give the appearance of having a full management company for your property. Only pay for what you use.

If you don’t want to pay for a management company but still need someone on-site once in a while, we can be your eyes an ears. We can help with specific services such as inspections, inventories, check-in/out, advertising, photo shoot, viewings, leases, key holding, advice, PRTB representation or full management.

We’re part of the Westcourt Management Services group; property management since 1987 so you’re in good hands.


If you are working remotely, travelling on business or need headspace, book a hotdesk by the day, week or month. When you want the facilities and space of an office – but only need it for occasional use hot desking is the way to go. Click here for more information

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